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Mastering The Study Skills Needed to Ace The LSAT!

The secret to getting ready for your LSAT exam is to study smart, not hard. Here are the top 5 tips for preparing to write the law entrance exam commonly known as the LSAT:

Identify your weaknesses. Before beginning your LSAT preparation, the most important first step is identifying your weaknesses. You only have so much time, so focusing the same amount of time and energy on every area of the LSAT, simply will not produce the results you need. Start with a practice test, just do the whole test within the required time and see where you end up. If you aced the analytical reasoning section, but fall short in the logic games section, then study accordingly. You should still review all sections, but budget your time. You want to be proficient in all areas.

Play Games. The two logical reasoning sections of the test carry the most weight. These portions count for 50 percent of the final score on the LSAT. Given the importance of these sections and that many test writers find the logic games section the hardest, this is an area you want to focus. The best way is to play logic games. There are many online resources, books, and practice platforms available. Set aside an hour a day to just play these games, and when you get an answer wrong, analyze why.

Practice under speed. The LSAT is not just a sprint, but a marathon. You need to learn how to pace yourself. You do not have infinite amounts of time and you do not want to get half way through and be out of time. From the beginning, be conscience of time, learn to be able to judge the time and get a good sense of how long each question should take.

Answer everything. There is no penalty for getting an answer wrong, so there is no benefit to leaving it blank. Even if you don’t know the answer, use your deductive reasoning and analytical skills to figure out what the best answer is likely to be. Then move on, do not obsess over it, simply answer the question and move to the next one. Then, when you review you LSAT practice, look at the questions you answered incorrectly and why the answer was wrong.

Arm yourself with the right materials right from the start. When you are studying for the LSAT it is important right from the start to to have the right tools. This will save both time and effort and pay dividends later on. There are countless resources available to prepare for the test. There are books, online subscriptions, tutoring guides and tools that make studying more effective and efficient. Do the research, ask professors and friends who have written the test to see what they used and liked or did not like, then acquire what you need to start off on the right foot.

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