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5 Simple Tips For Acing The LSAT “Logic Games” Section

By far the most intimidating section of the LSAT test, the logic games section consists of 22-23 questions, and you have 35 minutes to complete it. The LSAT logic games section tests your analytical reasoning skills.

Here are 5 simple strategies to help you get a better score on the logic games section of the Law School Admissions Test.

Draw a diagram:

Start off sketching a simple diagram of the initial rules given in the question. When you are studying, establish a diagram which you can easily organize and use for each question. Do not make it too big, you have a limited amount of scrap paper provided, and cannot get more. Your diagram should be simple for you to use and intuitive.

Use only the information provided:

The information provided is all of the information you will need. Do not infer any non-explicitly stated relationships. This is why the diagrams are so important. Taking the time to write out all relationships and points in your diagram will give you all the information you need to answer the question. Organization and careful reading of the questions are essential.

Use elimination:

You cannot solve the question right up front, there will be no way from reading the questions to say “the answer is X”, but you can often easily eliminate at least one or two possibilities.

Understand what type of question you are looking at:

LSAT logic games fall into one of three categories, generally. Ordering games, these are games that require you to put things in order. Grouping games, games which require you to put things into groups. Attributes games, these are games which require you to determine the attributes of various things. When you are developing your diagram , it is a good idea to think about this and develop a method for varying your diagram for each type of question style.

Don’t get stuck:

If you find a question that is just too tough, and you feel cannot solve it, don’t get stuck on it, move on. Remember, your score is based on the total number of questions you get correct, you are not penalized for wrong answers. Practice makes perfect when it comes to timing, use the LSAT TopTierTimer watch to practice.

You need to get used to the length of time you have for each question, so you can pace yourself during the exam. Time is the biggest success factor in the LSAT.

At the end of the day, the LSAT logic games analytical reasoning section comes down to only a few things. Practice, the more the practice, the better you will get at these games. Time management, this is essential, you have to be able to quickly analyze and decipher information, and do so in a timely way.  Lastly, organization, being able to organize large amounts of information in a way that allows you to break the information down in logical and analyzable ways. Once you have mastered these skills, you will be able to write this section of the LSAT with confidence and ease!

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