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Top 5 Mistakes LSAT Test Takers Make:

As the expression goes, “You have to learn from the mistakes of others. You won't live long enough to make them all yourself" (unknown).

No matter what, when you write the LSAT you will leave saying, ‘oh, I wish I knew this going in’ or ‘I would have done this differently when I studied’ or ‘I should have focused more here’.

Well, we have compiled a list of the top five things students who wrote the LSAT wish they did differently. We hope these tips will give you a bit of an edge and help you better prepare to write, your Law School Admissions Test.

1) Not Reviewing your practice test results.

Taking practice tests over and over again can be tedious and it can be difficult to figure out where to best focus. To benefit from practice however, remember to go back and review your results. Take the time to figure out WHY you did not get an answer right. With every practice test you complete, ensure that you take the time to review all of your answers, both the correct and incorrect ones. There is a lot of depth to the LSAT test. Because of this, you can learn and improve from both the questions that you answered correctly and the ones you got wrong. Take the time to review carefully each practice test you take.

2) Not taking studying seriously enough. Right now, it is your job.

When you are preparing for the LSAT exam, THAT should be your number one priority. There is nothing more important right now, because if all goes well, the positive results of this test will lead to what will be your full time job and hopefully, career. Be diligent and dedicated. Set aside and schedule a certain amount of time to study each week and do not miss a session. It is also important that you find a place free of distractions and only work on your studying during that time. Remember, no Facebook, texting or tv watching while you study!

3) The LSAT uses the dictionary definitions of words.

There is a common misconception that the LSAT uses non-traditional word meanings for the test questions. This is simply not the case, the LSAT uses the literal, dictionary definitions of words for the tests. It is very important to understand this when you are reading the questions.

When writing the exam and reading the questions, take the time to understand what the words really, literally mean..

Examples of this include the word, “only”.If the LSAT uses the word “only”, then the statement must be true,100% of the time, with no exceptions.

When you are practicing identify these important qualifier statements and watch for patterns and indicators, so that you are ready for your exam.

4) Not taking care of the basics: sleep, food, exercise, stress.

This seems like basic common sense. Surprisingly however, it is a major issue for a lot of students. It is essential that you get enough rest, eat well, reduce your stress and exercise. This is important for many reasons including, preventing illness and having time to process the information you have learned, which really only happens when you sleep well. Exercise helps to clear your mind and to stay focused. Proper nutrition and eating well ensures that you have the energy you need, to stay strong and not get run down.  

5) Not respecting the time.

The LSAT is a time driven exam, the overall limit is tight and each section within the exam also has time limits. As a result, when you practice, it is important to complete the practice exams as if you are on the same time limit as on the test day.

Test timing practice is important for a few reasons. After you have practiced enough, you will develop a sense for the length of time you have for each section. You will not feel as rushed and will be comfortable working through the exam at that pace. The second reason to practice is working to train you mind to be less anxious and to think clearly under pressure. Remember, you are not penalized for wrong answers on the LSAT. Whether you leave an answer blank, answer wrong or run out of time, the result is the same. Should you find yourself stuck on a question, at least try to answer it. Working efficiently and effectively under the given time constraints should be your goal.

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