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5 Last Minute Prep Tips for the LSAT:

5 Last Minute Prep Tips for the LSAT:

Find Out Where You Write and Plan Your Route Ahead:

Learn everything you can about your test centre ahead of time . Visit your LSAT testing location at least a week before the exam. Nothing is worse than getting lost on the way to your exam. Learn how to get there, plan your route and check to see if there is construction or areas that are prone to slow traffic. If possible, find out what room you will be writing the exam in and ask to see the room, this will help you plan. Scout the room, is it cold? Where are the clocks  located? Are the desks small? The idea is to become as familiar with the testing space as possible, this will minimize some of the stress on the day of the exam.

Relax The Day Before:

This is probably going to be hard to do, but avoid last minute cramming the day before. At this point, you cannot do anymore. You have done what you can and it is time to calm down and get mentally focused and prepared for the exam. Stay optimistic, watch a movie or go to the gym, hang out with your friends, studying that day will not help you. Mental prep is more important the day before.

Get Lots of Rest:

This seems like a no brainer. In reality, the stress of the exam, the adrenaline and all the excitement of the exam will make it hard to sleep. Remember, on the night before you need to relax and get some rest. It is important to have energy and be able to focus.

Eat Breakfast!

We have all been told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, well really, it is. The LSAT is a long exam, you can’t go into it hungry and expect to focus for the length of the exam. Eat a good meal in the morning that will hold you over.

What To Pack:

You are able to bring a one gallon ziplock bag. In it, you need to pack your ID and Photograph if required, admissions ticket, analog watch (click here to learn about the best watch for the LSAT exam), pencils (number two), pencil sharpener, a good eraser, facial tissues, and any items like medication that you may need. You don’t want to forget anything and you will not have time to get packed in the morning, so make sure that you have this ready the night before. In addition, make a checklist and then double-check the bag before you go, make sure that everything needed is there.

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