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About the New York City LSAT Test

The LSATs are a difficult set of exams lasting for half a day and requiring a lot of preparation to pass.  LSATs measure an applicant’s ability to succeed in a law school. Thus it measures their accuracy, understanding and reading and comprehension skills for complex materials.  It also tests their ability to manage information, organize it and then to use it to draw inferences from.  In short, it evaluates their critical thinking capacity as well as their reasoning and argumentative capabilities.  LSATs will consist therefore of questions to measure the ability to analyze, evaluate and complete arguments.

Very few people pass it without preparation. One requirement for passing is a bachelor’s undergraduate degree. The rest consists of:

1.     Familiarizing oneself with the test itself

2.     Practicing

The test consists of 5 sets of 35 minute sections of multiple choice questions, 4 of which are scored and one un-scored but is included thereat to gather data for future test questions as well as to pre-equate or standardize future test forms. The scored multiple choices set consists of

1.     Test to determine your analytical ability

2.     Test to determine your logical ability

3.     Test to determine your reading comprehension

These three can appear in any order. Since it is not a right versus wrong exam, you can guess answers.  The final part of the LSAT will require you to write an essay based on alternative topics. This last portion is un-scored but your essay will be sent to Law schools where you will apply for admission.

Familiarizing yourself with the test is best done by referring to previous LSAT exams at  This can be done online or by buying practice test sets such as the LSAT Handbook and E-book which are available in most major online stores. These will provide sample LSAT questions such as the June 2007 LSAT that includes a complete sample test, and basic test-taking strategies. There are also LSAT versions in Spanish, Canadian, European and Asian.

The trick is to try to answer sample questions without considering time until you become familiar with the nature of the questions.  Next, is to answer sample questions with time pressure. Begin with easy to reach time constraints, and increase intensity by reducing time. Finally take an entire prep test whilst timing it – in other words, a simulated LSAT exam with actual time constraints. Doing this enables you to estimate how long to remain on each question.  The strategy is to acquire familiarity with the test format in order to devise your own shortcuts and gain an advantage with the types of questions being asked in the exam.  The exam is going to be long and challenging so it is best to come to the testing center relaxed, unhurried, well-rested and positive.

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