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How to Prep for the LSAT

The LSAT exam is not as bad as many people think. It is just a standardized test and must, therefore, follow certain guidelines that simply cannot be breached. Each LSAT is exactly the same as the one before; the questions just have different words. Every single question is unique from the others but is actually just like math and different numbers are rearranged to make different questions. When you know the essentials of math you can do each question - although you may have never seen it before. The same goes with the LSAT. 

Getting through LSAT exanimation commonly takes 2-6 months, depending upon how anybody plans his studying hours. So, getting a good plan is the first step towards achieving the goal. It is very important that you maximize your energy and work on your timings for the exam. Just relate yourself with a sprinter who practices every day to work on his timing and strives to improve it every day.

So, the next step from here would be grabbing a LSAT watch as soon as possible. A LSAT watch would be your best coach during the entire course of preparation and during the exam.

Why should every law student aspiring to clear the LSAT exam essentially have one LSAT watch?

  • A LSAT watch is custom designed for the exam and is entirely analog with no digital components.
  • A LSAT watch is also known to relieve anxiety as you tackle each section of the LSAT exam. You do not have to bother your mind as you try to do calculations on how much time is left in each section. But if you have Toptiertimer LSAT watch, and then you can take your test with confidence.
  • A LSAT has watched has extended tick at every 8-minutes interval to suit the test takers. Most elite test-takers aim to complete each subsection within eight minutes, which allows a three minute buffer to review work or complete the section.

A LSAT watch follows the rules set by LSAC. So, now you can buy an analog watch without any doubt.  But, you should be aware from where to buy a good LSAT watch?

Well, the answer is that there are several companies which are selling these analog watches on-line. But there are few things that you need to keep in mind before buying an analog watch-

  • The watch should be wearable on the wrist only.
  • They should not have any advanced function like – (automatic reset buttons) that would qualify them to be a timer instead of a watch.
  • You should be comfortable to use it.
  • The watch should strictly abide the guidelines set by the LSAC. So, always consider buying a LSAT watch from a reputed company like – Toptiertimer.

So, go and get your LSAT watch today to make yourself ready for the big day.

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