Toptiertimer LSAT Watch

Refunds & Returns

Refunds & Returns Policy

First, to better assist our customers in resolving issues related to defective units, requests for refund/partial refund, and replacement TopTierTimer watches, we have integrated and unified our CRM system. This has allowed us to issue credits more quickly than ever before and to process the aforementioned (and other) requests faster than ever. We now send replacement units sooner, and close any outstanding claims/requests at an industry-leading pace. 

Refunds and Returns Policy

Here are a few things to keep in mind when returning a product purchased on this website. Please reach the section carefully to avoid unnecessary future delays.

  1. If for any reason TopTierTimer is unable to fulfill your order or in the event your watch malfunctions, TopTierTimer’s liability and the amount of your “damages” is expressly limited to a refund of your purchase price or a replacement item of equal or lesser value to that of your malfunctioning watch, less the cost of shipping.  Additionally, TopTierTimer cannot be held responsible if the LSAT proctor does not admit the TopTierTimer into the test center.

If you do not agree to these terms, please do not make a purchase or if you have already made a purchase, please email us to cancel your order at no cost to you.