Toptiertimer LSAT Watch

Shipping Policy

Shipping Policy

The sections below describe TopTierTimer’s Shipping Policy and Procedures. If you have any questions, special requests or would like to make an inquiry, kindly contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

Shipping Policy and Procedures.

Note: Customers that purchase the Get Two TopTierTimer Watches Discount Package, will not be charged additional shipping costs. Instead they will pay a standard shipping charge.

Generally, unless by special request, the TopTierTimer is unfortunately not available for pick-up at this time. We may be able to more easily make some accommodations for customers located in New York City, but that is not a promise. 

Accuracy Verification

Our online store, shopping cart, checkout gateway, and inventory software will verify whether an address is valid prior to generating a shipping label. However, since not all changes—e.g. new constructions—are immediately updated in the software, some destination addresses, although erroneous, may not always register as faulty. This applies equally to domestic and international shipments alike. Moreover, a small typo does not imply that the incorrect spelling or improvement number does not exist; so, a package may be undeliverable or can be delivered to an unintended location. To avoid errors, delays, confusion, and to prevent lost packages, or packages delivered to the wrong address, or to avoid incurring additional fees in the future (which may include the full purchase price of the LSATTimer plus shipping) we ask that you please verify/ double check your address carefully. Similarly, please check the accuracy of any and all other information you may have entered during checkout, prior to completing your purchase.


Shipping costs are always the direct responsibility of the customer. Shipping costs are computed based on the package weight; service requested (e.g., 2nd day air or ground), and destination address. Where the weight of an item is in the range between two integers it will be rounded up to the next full pound to ensure proper delivery. Upon shipping customers will be provided notice (via email) that their order has shipped as well as receive a package tracking number, which may be used to track the package. Unless otherwise advertised by way of coupon, special promotion or any unusual promotion or circumstance, such that TopTierTimer states “free shipping,” there are always shipping costs associated with an order that are the responsibility of the customer. Fulfillment of a customer order is conditioned on the former’s payment, and our successfully capture, of the purchase price in full, including any product, shipping, taxes and or applicable fees.

TopTierTimer is not responsible for any damage that occurs during transit or any lost packages that result from, but not limited to typos, incorrect addresses, and packages lost in transit, stolen packages, or carrier errors. Any issues must be resolved between the customer and the carrier directly. Customers may contact TopTierTimer to: report a lost, undelivered, or misplaced package; for assistance in locating a package; and for instructions on how or who to contact, with respect to the carrier company. LSATTimer rejects and denies to accept any liability for lost packages, goods damaged during transit, and the aforementioned item expressly and impliedly discussed herein. We cannot and will not be held liable to the customer for a carriers’ errors or the customers own mistake, or otherwise similarly characterized event, however; it is not seldom that we offer customer with the said misfortunes some discount–determinable by us, but without any obligation–a store/ purchase credit to help remedy the condition.